Our equipment

To increase our competitiveness our machines are set to mass production. The machines are equipped with feeders. When producing in mass quantities we can fabricate materials from 4 to 60 mm in diameter. When doing customised production we can process materials up to 250 mm in diameter.

Turning Lathe Feeler FTC 10 and FTC 20 for general machining
FTC series turning centers with maximum turning diameter 350 mm
and maximum turning length 345 mm.

2 Horizontal Lathes LEADWELL T6 with bar feeders FEDEK 1,5 m and 1,2 m
These efficient lathes are designed for customised as well as mass production of precision components from bar material up to 51 mm in diameter and flange diameter up to 290 mm. In exceptional cases also bigger, with shaft length up to 420 mm. The advantage of this machine is the possibility to adjust the mandrel according to fabrication demands.

Milling Machine Pinnacle PK GRSM-V2

Automatic Bandsaw LX-250 NC
Hydraulic automatic bandsaw to perform vertical cuts with hydraulic equipment to cut in clamps with diameter of 150-250 x 100-150 mm.

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vybavenie vybavenie